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I'm am a Chihuahua not a husky as you can see. But I live with My sister Shadow everyday. Shadow and I get along very well. I am what you call Shadow's guard dog. I don't let any come near my woman. I look mean but I'm really not. But I can do some damage on attack. As long as I'm not on the attack mode, I'm a pure sweetheart. I am very well to get along with kids. I love to chase cats. And I especially thrive for all the attention. The picture on the right is me of course. I'm guarding my daddy so mommy doesn't come near him.

chi5.jpgMy mommy found me when I got hit by a car (she actually used to deliver the paper to my house everyday. And she would see how my previous owners children would hurt me all the time) It probably took her about an hour to catch me after I got hit. because I was so scared. Well after chasing me down she took me in and I hid for practically 2 days before I came out. When I came out there was daddy. Daddy didn't really want me at first but mommy with the animal heart talked daddy into keeping me. Mommy tried to contact my family but they left for Florida and left me here. And that's when I became there's. At first I was a little dirty rat my ears were full of flea eggs, mites and it looked like I didn't bathe for days.  But mommy cleaned me up in a hurry.


But now I'm a STUD. All the chicks want me. Everytime I go visit the vet. The Vet doctors want to keep me and they tell my mommy that there actually surprised that i'm not in commercial's with my little attitude.

My mommy tried a couple of designs with my picture let me know if I look cute or not. I know i'm gorgeous anyway. More Pictures of me will come soon. First I have to get ready for the camera.


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