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My Mom changed her website she now has her own domain name, if you like this site you'll her site.  http://jasmania.net pressing on the link will not intrupt this page it will however open a new window. So that way you get the best of both site's. Guestbook is now finally working PLEASE leave your LINKS so i can vist your WEBSITE thanks!!! Aftering signing the guestbook you can view the entries.

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Hi I'm Shadow. I'm an AKC registered puppy born on October 14, 1995, okay so i'm getting old. Anyway my mom is Koani Aipuyi and my father is Timber Ghost II.  I'm a very smart and intelligent dog when your backs turned. Like one time I opened the gate with my nose than went to my neighbors yard, opened his gate and ate their dogs food. Wasn't that sly. I thought it was.  Mommy thought it was funny. Anyway's I'm a very good dog as you can see. I love laying around the house and watching TV. My favorite sport is sleeping. I'm the most lazy dog in the world. I hate to do any kind of activity like a chasing a boring ball. Mom's been trying to teach me that since i was a baby. That's too much strenuous work. I leave that up to ChiChi (my brother). I like giving out hand shakes and giving high fives. other than that I live an early retirement and live it up. I don't chew anything in the house,  I only go out on nice days. when it's cold or rainy I stay in. I'm most loyal and the most beautiful dog in the world. I have it made. I get boneys and pig ears at least 4 to 5  times in day. When I stomp around the house I get what i want right than there.  Mommy and Daddy has had me since I've been a puppy. Since than I have grown out my stages of chewing and am now relaxed.


In this photograph I'm giving my mommy a high five. You can't really tell because she's trying to take the picture at the same time. Aren't I just gorgeous. I thought so.


This is my teddy bear that I won now, Mommy tried to give it to daddy on Valentine's Day but I ended up claiming this toy. Mine now. Daddy don't mind.


Here's a full body shot of me, I'm not really this fat. I'm only 53 pounds. Maybe it's the way i'm laying down. 


My cute face again, I'm just so gorgeous.


Now this is Hera she's up for adoption but  forgot what animal shelter I saw her at. But don't she look exactly like me I think I may have found my twin sister.